Golden Era Mixtape 2011

17 01 2011

The recently formed Australian record label Golden Era with a powerhouse line up of the Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars, Briggs, Vents and others have dropped what has become a highly anticipated release. Check the snippet while hitting up the download link after the jump.

Mixed by DJ Madcap | Hosted by Trials | Featuring Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars, Vents & Briggs

1. Intro
2. Sesta & Suffa – 99 Bottles (Cuts by DJ Reflux)
3. Pressure – The Fire
4. Briggs – Let It Burn (Cuts by DJ Jaytee)
5. Funkoars – Lock Me Up
6. Vents – Love Song
7. DJ Reflux, DJ Debris & DJ ADFU – Portion of the Raw
8. Funkoars Feat. Ash Grunwald – Little Did I Know
9. Vents & Trials Feat. Mortar – The Discrete Charm Of The Bourgeoisie (Cuts By DJ ADFU)
10. Briggs Feat. Suffa – The Wrong Brother (Remix)
11. Briggs – The Peoples Champ
12. Vents – Existential Absurdity
13. Trials, Suffa, Briggs & Sesta – Lunchroom Table
14. Hilltop Hoods feat. Trials – Debris Told Me
15. Interlude
16. Hilltop Hoods – Chase That Feeling
17. Golden Era – The Funkiest
18. Funkoars – All We Need/Vamoose/Where I Am (Medley)
19. Vents – Rollin’ Balls
20. Trials – Baby C’mon





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