Redman x G-Shock (no longer available)

7 01 2011

I don’t know why, but for some reason I find myself occasionally wanting a G-Shock wristwatch… Maybe its because I grew up in the era of POP-Swatches and Casio watches… Or maybe its because they are still making them in over-the-top colours… i think its the colours…

Redman was yet another artist who had joined onto the Clothing collab wagon with his own G-Shock… Available in, wait for it, RED! More after the jump.

This stunning timepiece pretty much sums up watches for me when i was in my youth… Bold, bright, rubber and a combination of analogue and digital! what more could a kid want?!

UNFORTUNATELY, the Redman model was on a very limited run, so you had to be quick to get a hold of one, you might be lucky enough to stumble onto one on eBay… or cop a shitty replica… But never fear, you can still get red g-shocks, they aren’t just as cool… Or come in a cool case…

Images via google



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